The Base Layer in Finance.

BASElayer is a platform for developing financial applications and payment networks. Its unique design facilitates transactions between different asset classes, allows for rules and behaviors to be directly programed into any asset, and supports easy integration of legacy financial systems.

All vehicles of value—currencies,
equities, derivatives—
should be interoperable.


The Ability to
Tokenize and Trade Anything

Lightning fast

Three to Five Second
Transactions and Settlement

infinitly scalable

Limitless Scalability
With 40k tps Already Tested

Baselayer money tabs

tokenized assets

Real Digital Money

BASElayer natively supports five, inter-exchangeable Core Currencies: Dollars, Euros, Yen, Pounds, and Renminbi. These currencies are fully backed, with guaranteed solvency. Furthermore, any asset may be issued by a third party, Inheriting all the features of the network—full interoperability amongst other assets, compatibility with all applications, and so on.

Smart Contracts

Fully Programmable in Any Language

BASElayer uses what are known as “Smart Contracts” to interact with any asset on the platform. These contracts are immutable, if-then statements that can be programed in virtually any language and are unimpeded in their ability (Turing Complete). Using smart contracts, developers can program behaviors and conditionals into the platform’s assets.


Runtime Environment

An immutable, Scalable Cloud Services Platform

In addition to its payment processing network, BASElayer offers compute power, database storage, and other functionality to help developers scale and grow their applications. These amenities are all made possible by the networks unique design, rendering bottlenecks and long processing ques obsolete.

team members

Meet The Leadership

BASElayer’s leaders bring together experience in technology, financial services and regulatory compliance.

Will Wolfe BASElayer

William Wolfe


A full stack developer with programing experience in and around DL technology.

John Jacobs BASElayer

John Jacobs


An accomplished entrepreneur with over 25y of experience in the tech sector.

Matt Wolfe BASElayer

Matt Wolfe


A Forex and commodities trader with experience in digital UX/UI development.

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